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Ayyy it’s ya girl Tida (like pita)! I’m not just another photographer – I’m your hype girl, your ally, your eyes and your ears on your wedding day. I’ll be there freaking out shouting “YASSS OMG HOT FIRE ALERT” hyping you up during portraits because holy-shit you look amazing AF! I’ll be dancing circles around your guests while I shove my camera in their faces, fixing your hair when the wind gets too cray, and confidently (and loudly) directing your family portrait time. I’m a tiny ball of giant energy and gurl, it shows on your wedding day – TRUST.

“Damn Tida, how do you still have all this energy?” one of my couples asked while watching me dance around their reception. That pretty much sums it up. Wedding photography is my shit! I pour my entire heart and soul into everything I photograph. I’ve been a photographer for over a decade and it NEVER gets old. Every couple and wedding is different, which I LOVE. Nothing makes me happier than getting to be a part of your day and capturing allll the feels.

A few of my


Here are just a few of the things that fuel me! I wanna know all about you too. So let’s bond over our mutual love of Disney and pop punk bands!


My Happy Place

Anywhere with warm weather

Ideal Night

A glass of wine and snuggling with my cats and husband

Secret Talent

I know all the words to Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass

Guilty Pleasure

That Pop Punk music we listened to in 2007 (All Time Low, 3OH3! Blink 182...I still listen to it)

Catch me dancing to

Literally everything. Even elevator music

Fav Disney Movie

Tie between The Lion King and Tangled

Fun Fact

In 7th grade I got achilles tendonitis from playing too much DDR
“Tida is hilarious. Tida is comfortable. Tida is freaking talented. She sees things and goes for it. Each photo was thoughtful, meaningful, ethereal, and allowed us to take a step back and appreciate ourselves for once. SHE did that. And I could never thank her enough. I wish I could keep her in my pocket because there is NO one else like her."

- Malia & Daniel


About Me


pnw + socal

I was born and raised in Seattle! Made the move to SoCal to be closer to that sunshine. I’m still up in the PNW all the time to see my fam and shoot weddings!


married lyfe

I’m married and it’s AWESOME. Highly recommend it. Dats me and my husband!


cat lady

We have 2 insane bengal cats, Mochi & Buki, who can be frequently found on my IG stories causing mischief



I LOVE FOOD. A LOT. If you have pizza, donuts, ice cream, and/or tacos at your wedding, you’ll be my BFF.



disney fiend

I could live in Disneyland (Annual Passholders, baby!) When we’re not eating or at Disneyland, you can catch us belting out show tunes together.



I love to travel (again, mainly for the food). Some of my fave places in the world are Tokyo, Italy, and Bali! My husband and I try to take an international vacay every year.


let’s do this!

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