Tunnel Hill Winery Wedding in Lake Chelan, WA

Eric & Meghan's intimate wedding was absolutely perfect. These two are the most laid back, awesome couple ever! Surrounded by closest family, Eric & Meghan exchanged vows at Tunnel Hill Winery in Lake Chelan. 

Sometimes couples ask me what the key to great bride and groom portraits is. The answer is: time! The more time we get the day of, the better! We took advantage of the gorgeous Lake Chelan setting and took our time, hanging out, having fun & making some kickass photos!

Pike Place Market Seattle Wedding

If we're going to talk about the chillest, most laid back couple ever, it's these two!! Their intimate wedding ceremony was in the iconic Pike Place Market. After the ceremony, we all loaded up into an old Blue Bird converted party bus named "Big Woody", which lasted all of 15 minutes before it broke down! That didn't kill the vibe though! We stopped at the Seattle pier for some awesome bridal party photos, then loaded up into Ubers and went down to a family friend's private residence for their backyard reception. Three words: Cornhole and Chipotle.