Malibu Engagement Shoot

That's what these two said in response to me asking "So would you be down with a steep hike up a mountain for your shoot?"

Let this be known - if you are down to get a little sweaty, a little dirty, and adventure with me, we will get along just fine!

I did Cara's makeup beforehand, LOCKED THAT IN so it wouldn't budge from the sweat and humidity from the hike, and we were off! The gorgeous golden sun was perfect, as we climbed up and had the canyon mountains and Pacific Ocean as our backdrop.

Palm Springs and Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot

When Nina and Hudson said they wanted to do their photos in the desert, I squealed. Since relocating to Southern California, I fell more and more in love with the desert, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree! There is truly something so magical about being out there.

We had a BLAST running around Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. These two are so much fun!

El Matador Beach Malibu Engagement Shoot

How do I get SO LUCKY to have the raddest most chill down-for-anything couples! When I asked Rachel & Paul if they'd be down for getting in the water in Malibu in the dead of winter, what did they say? HELL YEAH!

We met up at their apartment and I did Rachel's bridal trial makeup, which we REALLY put to the test as you can see!

We then trekked it out to Malibu - bathed in the dreamy golden light, crazy winds, and even crazier freezing cold waves. The result was nothing short of PURE MAGIC.

Griffith Park Observatory Los Angeles Engagement

"City of stars, are you shining just for me?"
Ah, Griffith Park Observatory! On a beautiful sunny Los Angeles SATURDAY, just before sunset!
For you locals, you know that means a very. BUSY. DAY. Did we care? Nope! We quite literally said "To heck with it!" and trekked over to one of my favorite LA places. 

Corrinne and Jesse live on the East Coast and we took full advantage of their visit! We knocked out Corrinne's bridal makeup trial and gave it the true test on an 80 degree day for their engagement photos. These two are SO MUCH FUN! Amidst the heavy crowds, it was as if they were the only two around. They are obsessed with each other and I can dig it. :) I can't wait to shoot their wedding this summer!

Los Angeles In-Home Engagement Session

When Ashley told me she wanted to do an in-home engagement session, two words immediately came to mind: PILLOW FIGHT!
Thank you guys for making my crazy feather-flying pillow fight dreams come true! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during an engagement session before.

I LIVE for couples who trust my vision, trust my crazy ideas, and just go with it! That's when the best times are had and the best photos are made! I love capturing couples at their coziest & comfiest. Plus, it helps when they have a cute dog :)

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

I have been dying to shoot at Joshua Tree! My husband and I decided to book a spontaneous weekend trip to visit the park this December. We booked an airbnb, packed up our two cats, and made the drive over! While we were there, I decided to set up a tripod and take some shots of ourselves! Sometimes it's fun to get in front of the camera and try to experience what my clients do. I can't wait to go back with an actual couple that isn't myself and my husband and shoot! Hit me up if this is your dream location - I'd love to hear from you!

Holiday Mini Sessions 2017

The holidays are my favorite time of year! 
One of the perks of being one of my clients is that I offer a special holiday mini session day each year - for past clients only! I love catching up with everyone and hearing about their lives post-wedding and beyond. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Tunnel Hill Winery Wedding in Lake Chelan, WA

Eric & Meghan's intimate wedding was absolutely perfect. These two are the most laid back, awesome couple ever! Surrounded by closest family, Eric & Meghan exchanged vows at Tunnel Hill Winery in Lake Chelan. 

Sometimes couples ask me what the key to great bride and groom portraits is. The answer is: time! The more time we get the day of, the better! We took advantage of the gorgeous Lake Chelan setting and took our time, hanging out, having fun & making some kickass photos!

Pike Place Market Seattle Wedding

If we're going to talk about the chillest, most laid back couple ever, it's these two!! Their intimate wedding ceremony was in the iconic Pike Place Market. After the ceremony, we all loaded up into an old Blue Bird converted party bus named "Big Woody", which lasted all of 15 minutes before it broke down! That didn't kill the vibe though! We stopped at the Seattle pier for some awesome bridal party photos, then loaded up into Ubers and went down to a family friend's private residence for their backyard reception. Three words: Cornhole and Chipotle.